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You've been using Olvida Nickel Impregnated Cast Iron Cookware.  Now tell us what you think of it.

We'd like to know what you think.  Please send us your comments and testimonials. 

If you like cooking with cast iron, you will love cooking with Olvida.”  Mike Hanson, President, Olvida Cookware
“I cook in it, wipe it out and I’m done with it. I never have to season it like Grandma’s skillet.”  Dena L., Monroe, NC
“We tailgate every chance available and cook on a gas stove using the big griddle.  When the game is late and we’re tired, the last thing I want to think about is cleaning. I soak the griddle in the sink, lightly scrub it off, let it dry and it’s ready for the next game.”  Shawn Davis, Tampa, FL
“I love to cook and eat comfort food and have always been partial to my cast iron skillets.  Since I’ve been cooking with Olvida, my food tastes better.  I don’t have work hard cleaning or worry about seasoning my pans.”  DeDe Christophersen, Westport, CT
“The best thing about my Olivda cookware is how easy it is for the boys to clean-up while on our camping trips.  The cookware is sturdy and the kids can’t damage it – no matter what.  I also do a lot of Dutch oven cooking (and teach cooking to new Boy Scout Leaders in training), the Olvida ovens cook faster, and of course, everything tastes better when cooked in Olivda.”  Darcy Mendenhall, Scout Master Troop 219, Fort Mill, SC
"This is the finest cast iron frying pan I've ever used.  I'd like a larger one as soon as they become available".  M. Stancil, Street, Maryland
"I've never seen steak sear so well."
Rick Smith, Foodie, Chef's Resource 
Mike & Tracey:
WOW. What more needs to be said. Your cookware is awesome. I am a believer.
I have never seen food cook so evenly and the clean up was a breeze.

Rob Toby, Director
Smoky Mountain Marketplace 


Got the skillet today and already put it to use.  I sauteed some stuffed veal chops.  The skillet was outstanding.  It was large enough to handle two large veal chops.  The heat was very even which allowed a nice browning for both chops.  I, then, used the skillet to make my pan sauce.  Once again, very even heat which allowed for a very quick reduction.  Finally, and probably most important, the skillet was a breeze to clean.  Soapy hot water and it looked like new.
Great skillet. I will tell my chef friends about it.

Chef Bill, Charlotte, NC
Excellent heat quality and dispersion and easy cleanup...very impressive.
Shaun Boltz, Swansboro, NC  

To Those Wonderful People at Olvida,
You should have a warning on your cookware, "Warning: other cookware will become neglected."
Karl P. "A well fed husband" from Indiana

“Just the beauty of it really fits my style – I love the brushed metal look.” Denise Boyne, Canton, CT

“All I keep saying is WOW. Heat retention better than I expected and clean up is just like you said EASY. I have found them to be superior to other brands of cooking wares.  The finish is everything your ad said it would be and I am looking forward to using them often.” Doug Warner, Chicago, IL

If you have not tried Olvida’s cooking products, I would certainly recommend trying them.  If you like cast-iron cooking as I do, you will surely appreciate these products.

Olvida pans conduct heat evenly and hold the heat with ease.  The product being cooked resists sticking and burning.  You can also cook at a lower heat.  These pans are easy to clean and store for future use.  We use these for our frying needs in our commercial kitchen and thoroughly enjoy the experience of cooking with Olvida products.  I expect them to be serviceable for life-time and to be used by my grandchildren in their cooking experiences.

Try them – you will like them.

 Bill Eason, Owner & Manager
 Kate Clyde’s Catered Creations … and The Little Red Pig, Marshville, NC
 Multi-Award Winning Championship BBQ

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