Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How do I clean my Olvida?

A:  Wash with soapy water, rinse then wipe dry.  If you are camping simply use sand and water then wipe dry.  If you happen to burn your food, simply scrape surface with any metal gadget, no problem.  Cookware is also dishwasher safe.  Allow your dishwasher to run its full cycle as to completely dry your cookware. The high temperature of your washer will sanitize your cookware, completely dry it and have it ready for next use or storage.

Q: Is the Nickel pure Nickel?

A: No.  This is an FDA recommended nickel composite which passes Military Spec. # C-26074, and all required tests.  The application is non-electrolytic.

Q: Does the Nickel leach into food or water?

A: No.  This particular nickel compound has been used for years in the food industry.  Most people are unaware of nickel's presence in spatulas, knives, forks, spoons, dental and surgical tools and cooking surfaces etc. 

Q: Does the Nickel totally seal the Cast Iron surface?

A: Yes.  The patented process totally seals by impregnating the Cast Iron.  The Cast Iron is specially prepared before the application of the nickel composite.

Q: Can the Nickel finish come off?

A: No.  Beat it with a hammer, whack it with a knife or spatula, you can’t chip it or get it off.  It will not wear off, once again we emphasize its hardness.  You can cut on it, scour it, chop on it or use a pizza cutter, it’s harder than anything in your kitchen.

Q: Why hasn’t anyone Nickel Impregnated Cast Iron Skillets before?

A: They have, 40 or so years ago Wagoner, a cast iron cookware manufacturer attempted it.  It was well received, however, until Julia Child surfaced, along with E-Coli, Salmonella, etc. no one had a reason to spend additional $$$ on a nickel impregnated cast iron pot.  If you search the antique shops you can find some old nickel cast iron that is as good as day one.  Also the metal finishing industry was not pushed to pursue quality cookware, ergo no R&D.  The public was satisfied with Grandma’s cast iron cookware.  Just watch TV and you will be amazed at the quality cookware being used.

Q: Why the Trademark “Olvida”?

A: Olvida, is Spanish for “loss of memory”.  Aside from all its positive attributes, it has no memory.  You can cook onions, wash it out, then cook scrambled eggs,  God bless America there will be no onion flavor.  The cast iron is completely sealed and put into a condition like Stainless-Steel, only harder.  The nickel composite can not absorb anything, somewhat like glass therefore simply wash it out and it’s perfectly clean and healthy.  Even if you took an axe and chopped into your pan, the nickel will not crack, it will simply bend.  No matter how much you try to scratch it, you will not break through the nickel and create an environment for bacterial growth.

Q:  How do I become an Olvida retailer or distributor?

A:  Please contact with inquiries.

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