All Olvida cookware is cast-iron with FDA Certified nickel impregnated into the surface making it like stainless steel only 3 times harder. Cookware never has to be seasoned, won’t rust and is dishwasher safe.

10" Skillet 


10” Skillet – The Utility Pan – This will be the pan you use every day. Oven ready fry pan – Custom designed for maximum efficiency and cleaning. Skillet has standard handle with assist on opposing side with two pour spouts. The bottom gently blends with the sides for ease of cleaning. Handle mitt included. Skillet is great for baking cornbread and cakes. Weight: 5 lbs., width 10 Ύ ” X length w/handle 16” X 2” deep 

13" Skillet 


13” Skillet – The Man Pan – Blackened Sea Bass or Red Fish – you will “jump up and down.” When finished cooking, just wash out, pan will not take on the blackened seasoning flavors and of course you do not have to contend with the horrible taste of pre-seasoned cast iron. Make sauces and rues, fry trout, rinse out and cook ½ dozen fried eggs. You will love this pan. Skillet is identical to 10” pan, only larger to accommodate roasts and whole pan dinners. Weight: 7 lbs., width 13 ½” X length w/handle 19 Ό” X 2 ½” deep 

5.8qt Pot & Lid 


5.8qt Pot & Lid - The Gumbo Pot or Chili Pot – It’s called this because you cannot make a better gumbo or chili in another pot!. Can simmer for hours and does not take on the horrible taste of seasoned cast iron. The nickel impregnated cast iron takes on the characteristics of stainless steel. The uniform heating of cast iron prevents hot spots and burning, especially with delicate stews. You should taste a vegetable rice soup, venison stew, or Italian beef mushroom goulash – let alone – your favorite chili. Best of all is the clean-up. Easy to clean, you can soak it, scrub it and put it in the dishwasher. You will love it.

Now you can cook your favorite tomato based dish without the worry of cooking with traditional cast iron!! Also makes for a great fryer and is awesome for baking. Comes with handle mitt. Weight: 16 lbs., width 12”, length w/handle 17 5/8”, 4” deep and height 6” w/lid

11" Ribbed Single Burner Grill 


11” Ribbed Single Burner Grill – The City Slicker – This grill is a welcome substitute for a gas or charcoal outdoor grill. If you live where you cannot have a grill fire, simply place on an electric or gas stove top. Heat to 475 – 500 degrees F and you can grill like being outdoors. Marinate food to your taste and sear - tuna steaks, rib-eye steaks and chicken. Grill panini sandwiches and zucchini slices. You will be impressed. Easy to clean, simply let it soak, clean with wire brush or scotch brite or put in dishwasher. Featured in TIME Magazine’s 2006 Shopping Guide for its searing and design capability.

The grill has 14 ribs, each 3/16” high affording an excellent cooking and searing surface. The handle is at a 17 degree angle upwards, 6-1/2” long and 1-1/2” wide with hanging hole. Comes with handle mitt. Weight: 9 lbs., width 12” X length w/handle 17 Ό”

20" Double Burner Grill 


20” Double Burner Grill – The Tailgater – It’s especially popular with football and race fans. You may use any metal utensil to cook with. Easily fits on double burner camp stove or your home stove -top – gas or electric. Don’t hesitate to use the grill on electric eyes, it works fantastic. Cook pancakes on the smooth side, flip the grill over and grill vegetables, steaks, chicken, fish, etc. Feed the whole crowd. It’s easy to clean, let it soak, clean with wire brush or scotch brite or put in dishwasher. You can’t beat it. The grill side has 22 ribs, each 3/16” high, with a grease trough the length of the grill. The other surface is a smooth grill also with a grease trough. Weight: 13lbs., width 10 ½” X length 20 Ό”


The Double Burner Grill fits neatly on your stovetop or double burner camp stove for tailgating.


MEMORY FREE - Foods cooked previously will not affect the flavor or health of the next meal. Olvida does not have to be seasoned. Boil water, simmer sauces, make gravies, none of the seasoning or metal taste comes through. Cook soups or stews, you will be amazed how pure the flavor is.

INDESTRUCTIBLE - Olvida will not melt, burn, crack, or chip off. The nickel gets harder with use.

PERMANENT - Using knives, forks, spoons or any metal utensils will not scratch or remove nickel under any heat or circumstance.

EASY TO CLEAN - Wash with soapy water, rinse, wipe dry.  If you are camping simply use sand and water then wipe dry.  If you happen to burn your food, simply scrape with a knife, scrub with scouring pad, Scotch Brite, steel wool, wire brush or any scouring powder. You will be surprised how fast it will clean up, and no damage to the Olvida.

Olvida - Cooks at 25-30% higher temperature. Lower your heat accordingly.

DISHWASHER SAFE - Allow your dishwasher to run its complete cycle as to completely dry your cookware. Note: the high temperature of your washer will sanitize your cookware, then completely dry it.

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